Luxury pieces

Founded in 2023, The Manda offers luxury bags and accessories. We invite you into a world where you can dream, enjoy beauty, and express yourself with timeless pieces.

Born out of a desire to find the perfect work bag, Founder Precilla Sedney designed the first Manda bag, The Everyday Backpack. From there, she build the brand to embody modern aesthetics and conscious luxury.

The founder takes inspiration from nature, modern arts, and other elements of our everyday life. She embraces these elements as pillars for crafting beautiful, modern bags and accessories. All our products are crafted from leather alternatives and deadstock materials.

Designed in The Netherlands and handmade in Italy, The Manda invites you to indulge in the beauty of our luxury bags and accessories.

Designed in
The Netherlands,
in Italy.

Founder & Creative Director

Introducing Precilla Sedney, founder and Creative Director of The Manda. Having gained valuable experience in e-commerce with well-regarded Dutch scale-ups like Ace & Tate and Naif Natural Skincare, Precilla expanded her skill set by transitioning into the tech space as a product lead for Holland and Barrett.

By combining her background in fashion, e-commerce, and technology, she plays a vital role in shaping the brand's identity. She brings a wealth of expertise to the luxury accessories industry.

Beyond her role as Creative Director of The Manda, she still remains actively involved in product, sharing her knowledge with other companies.